Dental Restorations at Your Waterloo Dentist

Dental restorations such as composite fillings, crowns and dentures and partial dentures at Waterloo Emergency Dental Centre – your Waterloo dentist – are aimed at re-establishing the natural function and appearance of damaged teeth.
Teeth are prone to breaking, infections and cavities, and sometimes have to be restored back to health. Thanks to modern technology and improved treatment techniques, your Waterloo dentist can now offer an extensive range of options for restoring a tooth.

If you require dental restorative treatment, we will go through your options with you carefully to decide on a personalised treatment plan that entails the least invasive course of action.
Restorative dentistry at your Waterloo dentist practice can:

  • Relieve pain.
  • Fix decayed or damaged teeth.
  • Improve your smile.
  • Close unsightly gaps between teeth.
  • Correct an abnormal bite function.
  • Prevent tooth loss.
  • Replace lost teeth.
  • Replace old, unappealing dental work.
  • Restore normal eating.

Dental restorations at your Waterloo dentist include:
Composite Fillings
Tooth-coloured composite fillings can be used to repair a damaged tooth. The affected area is removed and the space thoroughly cleaned before the filling is placed.
Root canal therapy
Root canal treatment is needed when the nerve of a tooth has become infected. The pulp tissue inside the tooth, along with the nerves and decay, are removed and the resulting space filled with special dental materials that restore the tooth to full function.
Crowns (Caps)
A crown encases the whole of the tooth surface to restore it to its original size and shape. A crown strengthens and protects a tooth that cannot be repaired with fillings.
Fixed Bridges
A fixed dental bridge is a non-removable device to replace missing teeth. There are different types of bridges. The most popular is the traditional bridge, typically made from porcelain fused to metal.
Inlay Restorations
Inlay restorations are customised fillings made by a dental lab and permanently cemented into the tooth by your Waterloo dentist. Inlays can repair teeth that have been damaged by injury or decay or have large defective fillings.
Onlay Restorations
Similar to inlays, onlay restorations are sometimes referred to as partial crowns and are used when one or more chewing cusps of a tooth have also been affected. Like inlays, onlays are created in a dental lab and permanently cemented onto the tooth.
Dentures and Partial Dentures
Dentures are removable appliances to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissue. There are two types of dentures – partial and complete. Partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain. Complete dentures are used when all the teeth are missing.