Teeth damage can bring down your confidence significantly. You might consider having restorative dental solutions but money might be a problem. Or you don’t know which procedure to take from the get-go. Well, you will never be wrong with dental bridgework. Dental bridges are durable functional solutions that look like natural teeth.

Before you go to a dental clinic for a dental bridge appointment, take a look at these important factors:

Dental Bridges and Your Awareness

On a basic note, a dental bridge consists of a series of artificial crowns fused together methodically. Think of them as bookshelves arranged in a way that will fascinate book collectors or enthusiasts. The artificial crowns needed for dental bridgework are made of various materials like metal and porcelain. All-porcelain bridgework is popular because they are durable and natural-looking.

What makes dental bridgework useful are the pontics. These parts replace the damaged area of teeth. Pontics are properly maintained, along with the abutment teeth. Knowing about the importance of pontics will help you create better oral healthcare habits that will preserve the integrity of your dental bridges.

Implants & Bridges – What You Should Know

Dental bridges are great, but they have some notable disadvantages. Before you can get a bridge, the dentist needs to prepare the abutment tooth (or teeth for multiple cases). This process draws fear because the dentist will remove specific portions of teeth enamel. If you’re afraid of invasive dental work, you might have a problem with teeth abutment process. But don’t worry – your dentist will guarantee safety measures with little or no discomfort at all. The process can also affect your healthy teeth and stimulate teeth decay in the long run. The best way to counter this is to improve your dental hygiene habits.

Where dental bridges fall short, dental implants take over. Somehow, dental implants are stronger and best for permanent dental solutions. It’s normal for dental implants to have a higher cost than dental bridge treatments.

But you shouldn’t just choose dental implants over dental bridges. There are various situations where dental implants aren’t recommended by any dentist. If there’s a poor bone structure, the dentist won’t do the implant procedure. Dental implants can also cause deep damage to mouth structure and sensitive tissues. The damage can be irreversible or may take years to correct. Cavity formation is also a direct consequence of dental implant surgeries. Also, patients with medical conditions or weak immune systems aren’t allowed to get dental implants because of possible complications and risk factors. Before you take any dental implant appointment, the dentist will run your medical history to determine if you’re eligible for the procedure.

Why Dental Bridges Are Valuable?

Many people forego dental bridge procedures because of numerous factors and variables. One of these factors is fear. People believe that dental bridges can cause long-term teeth damage and pain. But this is a blind misconception! Dental bridges are valuable because of their reliability and durability. Modern dental bridges are made from strong materials and dentists are skilled in accomplishing the procedures. More importantly, you will get proactive pain and discomfort advice.

Dental bridge procedures are also valuable because of the positive change that they can bring. A successful dental bridge procedure can restore innate confidence. You will also feel the return of your once-vibrant smile. Do not worry about the cost too much – insurance can mitigate it to a certain degree.


Dental bridges are the best solutions for teeth damage, but you can also consider dental implants. It all depends on your priorities, finances, and the assessment of your dentist. After a chosen procedure, be sure to follow your dentist’s advice.

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