Removal Of Foreign Bodies

If you are ever in a situation in which something is truly stuck between your teeth and shows no sign of coming out, or if the very same thing is happening with your gums and something is stuck under the gum line, contact us immediately. A foreign object that is stuck in your teeth – especially a piece of food – can quickly turn into a source of harmful and problematic bacteria. Even if you wait for the piece of food to break down, as old food decomposes in your mouth, it devolves into both acids and bacteria that make a perfect combination to promote tooth decay, cavities, and even infections and abscesses in the gums.

If there is something stuck in your teeth that gentle flossing and brushing cannot remove, visit our dental professionals immediately. For the sake of your oral health, do not wait until it becomes a serious problem to have it taken care of by a professional. Our dentists can safely remove the foreign object with little to no pain and discomfort.