Complicated Tooth Extractions at Waterloo Dentist Office

Sometimes, after a careful oral examination, our dentist may decide that your tooth extraction may be more complex than anticipated.  Tooth extraction is complicated when the tooth cannot be removed by the usual elevation and pulling method. When such a situation arrives, our dentist will refer you promptly to an oral surgeon for further investigations and tooth removal. At Waterloo Emergency Dental Centre, we have an experienced and skilled oral surgeon to handle such complicated extraction cases with ease and finesse, ensuring that you get the best dental care possible.

What Makes A Tooth Extraction Complicated?

Various factors have to be considered while labelling a tooth extraction to be complicated. The shape, size, length of the tooth to be extracted and general condition of the patient are all taken into consideration.

Broken Teeth

A dentist may advise you to get your tooth removed if most of the tooth structure is lost. The crown portion of the tooth can be lost due to trauma or severe dental decay. It becomes almost impossible to repair the tooth in such a condition, and extraction remains the only choice. Extracting a broken or severely damaged tooth is considered a complicated extraction as the teeth can no longer be grabbed and manipulated by oral surgical forceps and elevators.

Rarely, a small portion of the tooth’s root may be left in the tooth socket while the remaining top part comes out. In these situations, teeth extraction again takes a complicated turn.

Cracked or Delicate Teeth

When a significant portion of the tooth is destroyed, it can leave the remaining tooth structure fragile and delicate. Although it may seem intact, a careful examination and X-ray will reveal cracks suggesting that the tooth is weak. This makes it prone to breaking during the process of extraction. A simple extraction applies force to the tooth via forceps and elevators, which aids in its extraction. However, these extraction forces are too high for a compromised tooth and may cause it to break midway. If this happens, some part of the teeth may remain in the tooth’s socket, giving rise to an extraction complication. Such extractions require the skills of our experienced dentist at Waterloo Emergency Dental Centre.

Teeth with Curved or Long Roots

As mentioned earlier, the level of difficulty of extraction depends on a variety of factors. One such factor happens to be the shape, size and tilt of the tooth’s root. It is much more challenging to remove molars because it has multiple roots, and these roots tend to be curved or hooked. This means large forces may have to be applied to remove it, which can lead to the breakage of the tooth in the socket and can cause trauma to gums and bones.

Teeth like a canine with longer and robust roots are more difficult to extract than teeth with shorter and smaller roots, such as lower incisors.

Impacted Teeth

When a tooth cannot come out into its position in the mouth and remains inside the bone, it is called an Impacted tooth. This happens when there is less or no space in the jawbone, and teeth end up staying inside the jawbone. Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, are the most commonly impacted teeth and must be removed. Removing an impacted tooth requires surgical extraction, which is now happening at our clinic.

Dense Bone

When the bone surrounding the teeth is dense and inelastic, it has a high chance of breaking or getting traumatized during extraction. It also makes the entire process of extraction challenging and requires the attention of our excellent oral surgeon.

An experienced oral surgeon better handles such complicated and risky tooth removal cases. With our exceptional oral surgeon, we at Waterloo Emergency Dental Centre aim to provide you with the best in class dental treatment. No matter how complex your case may be, you can set your worries aside when you schedule an appointment with us. If you have any questions or would like to know about our complicated tooth extraction services more, you can contact us, and our team will be here to assist you.