Mouthwash – Pros, Cons & Things You Should Know

During any of your grocery shopping sprees, you probably grabbed a bottle of mouthwash in a hurry. While it’s common knowledge that mouthwash is used to freshen up your teeth and control bad bacteria, there’s still much that you can [...]

How to Safeguard Your Teeth for the Holidays

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Antibiotic Awareness Week

The discovery of antibiotics has been one of the greatest milestones in human history.  After the discovery of Alexander Fleming of Penicillin and its wide use during World War II, countless lives have been saved. However, the widespread use and [...]

How Much Bacteria is in My Mouth?

The mouth is truly a unique part of the human body. It may look tiny, but there are a lot of things going on inside it. Aside from being a key tool in the digestion of food, it also contains [...]