Waterloo Emergency Dental Services

Waterloo Emergency Dental Centre specializes in providing excellent emergency care and exceptional dentists in the Waterloo area. With a strong team of expert dentists we are well equipped to provide effective treatments when dental emergencies arise. We understand that not everyone has a regular dentist or that their regular dentist in Waterloo is unable to see them during emergency situations. In order to fill this gap, we offer a variety of services from emergency root canals to treating complications that could have resulted from a previous dental surgery or procedure. Our hours are across a flexible time frame that exceeds regular dental office hours to help you when a dental emergency strikes. No matter the case, you can count on us to take you in as soon as possible to provide you with the emergency care, compassion and professionalism the situation calls for.

When Should I Seek Emergency Dental Care?

You have been hurt in an accident and need immediate dental care. (An example is a knocked out or broken tooth).

If you have any doubts or concerns about your situation and need to clarify whether yours is an emergency dental situation, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We will be able to let you know if your particular dental situation requires emergency dental care.

What to do during a dental emergency

The truth is, dental emergencies can really come out of nowhere and they can be very painful and scary experiences. Here are some tips to minimize pain and some information on what to do until you can see an emergency dentist in our Waterloo Dental Centre.


If there’s a sudden strike of pain in your teeth, it means you must see a dental professional as soon as you can. This type of pain does not go away on it’s own and often continues to get worse.

Call your dentist in the Kitchener or Waterloo areas to investigate the source of your tooth pain immediately. In the mean time, consider taking a trip to your local pharmacy to purchase OTC painkillers to remedy the pain.

Chipped and Broken Teeth

If you experience a chipped or broken tooth you are likely to experience a lot of pain with it.

Here’s what to do: It’s important to rinse the blood out of your mouth with salt water. This will also ensure that you do not expose the tooth nerve to any food debris, which can cause infection. Salt water acts as a soothing agent to the pain and a light rinse can help immensely. Never scrub the area. If the salt water doesn’t soothe the pain it’s important to call your dentist in the Kitchener or Waterloo area to alert them of the problem right away.

Seeing a dentist within the hour is ideal however, if that isn’t possible, buy some OTC painkillers at your local pharmacy to keep the pain down until you can see your dental professional in the morning. If your local pharmacy carries dental wax, you can also place that against the chipped area to protect it from further damage until it can be repaired.

Lost fillings and Crowns

Lost fillings become obvious to a person when they run their tongue over it. They will feel the sharp dislodged filling and possibly experience some pain.

Here is what to do: Purchase dental wax at your local pharmacy and place it over the filling to ensure that the tooth nerve is not exposed.

For lost crowns, taking specific precautions to protect the tooth will help you manage the pain and reduce any chances of damage or regression.

Here is what to do: Purchase cotton swabs and clove oil from your local pharmacy and swab the tooth with the oil.

Next, gently replace the crown back with toothpaste. Never use any other substances like glue to put your crown back in place. This is a good temporary measure until you can see your dental professional.

For any other injuries to the mouth, it’s important to rinse the mouth with salt water and to apply pressure to the area of mouth with some gauze from your local pharmacy. This help to stop bleeding and the salt water will disinfect the mouth reducing any chance of infection.