Replacement Of Lost Fillings & Temporary Crowns

In the bumps, scrapes, and wear and tear of life, fillings and crowns can become knocked loose, whether by accident or simply by eating particularly hard or brittle foods. It can be very harmful to your teeth and your dental health to leave lost fillings or crowns unattached. This leaves the cavities in your teeth open to gathering bacteria and causing further serious tooth decay that could cause your tooth to need to be removed entirely, or even lead to gum disease and abscesses below the gum line. Do not let a lost filling or a lost temporary crown go unchecked, because it could cost you your smile.

Replacing your lost fillings or lost temporary crowns does not have to be a hassle or stress you out. A brief visit to our emergency dental services can have your smile secured and healthy in no time.

For more information on what we can do for lost fillings or lost temporary crowns, contact us today for an appointment and a checkup from our experienced dentists and dental hygienists.