Eating your favourite foods is one of the best things in life. But what if you suddenly encountered a deep, radiating pain while munching on a delicious meal or snack? That can be really frustrating! Such pain can possibly indicate lingering teeth damage or gum disease. Managing the pain is advisable but there’s even a better, long-term solution: a root canal procedure.

Why You Need A Root Canal Procedure?

If your tooth has an infected pulp, then a root canal procedure is the best solution. Pulp infection will cause painful bumps along with bouts of sensitivity. Your tooth will also darken over time. The passages of the tooth can also get blocked, leading to deeper pain. Root canal fixes this problem, thus improving the quality of your oral health.

The Full Gist of Root Canal Procedure

Root canals are essential if there are signs of serious decay and teeth infection. If the symptoms are also affecting the quality of your life, your dentist will opt for a root canal procedure. This is usually done by replacing the decayed pulp with an effective inert material. After the material is placed, the dentist will seal everything with a special chemical. In some cases, the nerve endings must be removed – especially if the infection reached them already. You don’t have to be afraid because the dentist will apply an anesthetic.

Root Canal: Aftercare Notes

Once you’ve had a root canal procedure, there will be some episodes of pain and sensitivity. Over-the-counter medicines are excellent for pain control but you need to follow the dosage advice of your dentist. You should also prevent further infection by taking your oral hygiene seriously.

These are some oral hygiene changes that you can do:

  • Switch to soft brushes or replace your old toothbrush
  • Use water flossers instead of string floss
  • Apply cold compress if the pain is too unbearable
  • Improve your nutrition
  • Contact your dentist immediately if there’s unnecessary bleeding

Do you need an immediate root canal procedure? Contact us today and we will help you!