Dental braces are excellent teeth corrective options meant for adults and children. If you’re disappointed with your teeth alignment, you should consider getting braces on top of other dental procedures. Most functional or cosmetic braces are great for long-term usage, and they can be customized based on your needs.

If you’re aiming for teeth correction, these are the reasons why braces are great for you:

Dental Braces Correct Teeth Damage

Having damaged teeth is not the end of the world. However, your confidence level will take a hit if your teeth are damaged or crooked. Even if you know how to handle yourself socially, you might feel insecure from time to time. But don’t worry, you can still rely on some popular teeth corrective options: dental braces.

Dental braces are well-known because of their excellence in dealing with common teeth issues. Most of these issues are malocclusions, crookedness, misalignment, and general discomfort. Aside from damage correction, braces can be customized based on your style. Just remember that not all dentists have the same opinions regarding cosmetic braces.

Do you believe that braces are only meant for children? Somehow, you’re half-right. One reason is the advantage of children. Their teeth are still growing, allowing more opportunities for adjustment. On the other hand, adult bones have stopped growing, so future adjustments might be minimal. Still, this doesn’t discount the fact that braces are inherently useful for different age groups.

Braces Are Flexible & Versatile

Braces are designed to be flexible and versatile. It relies on direct pressure to change the position of your teeth over time. Aside from this advantage, dental braces are easy to install. Your orthodontist only needs to use dental cement and several elastic bands. For stability, your orthodontist can also add other brace connectors and dental devices.

The dental brace installation procedure takes around two hours. However, there are situations when the process takes a longer amount of time. After the braces procedure, you will feel a mild twinge of discomfort or soreness. These might persist for a couple of days. Don’t worry – you can use painkillers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Natural home remedies are also viable. If there’s terrible pain or even mild bleeding, consult your orthodontist or dentist as soon as you can.

Braces Improve Aesthetics

Modern dental braces are great for cosmetic purposes. Unlike old braces, modern ones are highly comfortable for your teeth. Additionally, they also have fewer brackets for greater mobility and space. The wires holding the dental braces are less noticeable and can definitely work for a long time.

The simplest type of dental braces are stainless steel brackets, but you can also try gold brackets with additional wires. Many younger patients – mostly teens and adolescents – choose coloured wires and elastics because they look cool.

Based on several studies, many adults choose tooth-coloured ceramic or plastic brackets because of their natural look. Before you choose these cosmetic dental brackets, you should take note of some disadvantages. To begin with, cosmetic ceramic brackets are more expensive than metal variants. These brackets are also prone to breakage and tend to be uncomfortable.

To play it safe, just settle for stainless steel brackets. These brackets are known for their great durability and reliability.

A Fair Warning

It can be tempting to get cosmetic braces from less experienced clinics. While you can save money, the risk is extremely high. You might get teeth and gum infections, as well as other problems. Always remember to choose a trustworthy dental clinic, such as Waterloo Emergency Dental Centre!


Before getting a dental braces procedure, it’s important to be prepared. You need to calm your mind and analyze your finances. If you want to keep your costs low without compromising quality, always communicate with your dentist.

Are you ready to get a dental brace procedure? Waterloo Emergency Dental Centre is ready to help. Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to book an appointment!