Christmas and New Year are upon us! For most people, this means lots of food, and possibly some alcohol as we enjoy fun times with friends and family. However, everyone should be cautious during the festive season, because the festivities may mean danger for your teeth.

At Waterloo Emergency Dental Centre, we wish all our patients a happy and prosperous New Year and a happy festive season. We are grateful for everyone that trusted our dentists with their oral health and supported us throughout this year.

Christmas Tips to Help You Maintain Healthy Teeth for 2023

Try Sticking to a Routine

Brushing your teeth two times every day is one of the best ways to lower your gum disease risks and tooth decay. For most people, brushing their teeth and flossing is a habit that we always take for granted. However, during this holiday season, you may be going for your vacation, have people over, or stay up late into the night. All these activities may disrupt your normal routines, and you may forget about your teeth. Be sure to stick to a routine to protect your dental health.

Avoid Chewy and Hard Candy

The holidays are characterized by lots of sweet treats that may damage your teeth. Chewy candies will stick to your teeth providing food for bacteria to flourish, causing tooth decay.  Additionally, some candies like caramel may pull out your tooth fillings.  If you have to eat sweets, you must ensure that you consume them with other foods to avoid damaging your teeth. It would be best if you also gave the candies time to dissolve so that they do not crack or chip your enamel.

Minimize Intake of Teeth Staining Drinks

Some drinks tend to stain your teeth, especially when consumed frequently. Drinks like tea, coffee, red wine, or cranberry juice will make your teeth stained and not as brighter as you would want them to be during the holidays.  You can maintain a healthy set of pearly whites by reducing your intake or using a straw when drinking. Additionally, brushing with whitening toothpaste will help maintain the white colour of your teeth.

Stay Hydrated

It is easy for people to forget to drink the recommended eight glasses of water every day if they are constantly running errands to sort different things out before Christmas. Ensuring that your body is hydrated is important for your overall health and your dental health. When your body is hydrated, you will produce more saliva, which translates to better protection for your teeth and gums.

Limit Your Snacking

If you have to snack regularly, then you should limit sugary things and sweets to your main meal.  During main meals, saliva production increases significantly, and this helps to wash off any remaining food pieces that are stuck between your teeth. Saliva also neutralizes the acid that is produced by germs in the mouth. It is best that you snack on healthier options like sugar-free yogurt, cheese, nuts, and carrot sticks.

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

For many people, Christmas and New Year celebrations mean lots of alcohol because of the countless social gatherings they attend. However, it is always best to consume alcoholic drinks in moderation. This will help minimize the effects of alcoholic drinks on your teeth, and you can enjoy the festivities with a beautiful set of teeth.

Do Not Forget Your Dental Appointments

Do not forget your routine dental checkups and cleaning appointments. This is one thing that you can tick off your list before resuming school and work in the coming New Year. This way, your entire family can start 2023 with the best oral health and a beautiful smile.

We hope you will find these holiday dental tips useful and helpful for you and your entire family and that you will keep smiling all through the festive season. Be merry and stay safe as we start the New Year!